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Where's Emma: Olivia Looks For Her Baby Sister: A Children's Book Ages 2-4 (olivia And Emma)

Where's Emma: Olivia Looks For Her Baby5 Star Rating
Wheres Emma Olivia Looks For Her Baby
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Where's Emma: Olivia Looks For Her Baby is actually a well written book. where's emma olivia looks sister children's

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Publisher:Helen Cassidy Page, Publisher
Author:Helen Cassidy Page

NOW INCLUDES A BONUS FOR A FREE RECORDING OF WHERE'S EMMA. Your child will recognize her disappointment when she isn't where Olivia wants her to be. When Mama said Emma was coming, Olivia wanted to understand exactly where she was. Olivia believed Mama was fibbing when she told her, so she went looking for Emma herself. See if your youngster can guess where Olivia ultimately finds Emma. Where's Emma encourages your child's imagination as Olivia embarks upon her quest to locate Emma."Angela, mother of one particular daughter:"Beautiful story and illustrations. This whimsical book delivers life lessons on patience, curiosity and family members bonds with more than twenty sweet cartoons and a heroine with whom all toddler and preschoolers can relate. Here's what some mothers are saying:"I love the illustrations in this book. Another great kids book for ages 2-4 from a single of Kindle's best-selling authors. In this initial using the Olivia and Emma series, let your child watch the bond between two sisters develop from the moment when Mama tells Olivia that new baby Emma is coming. The really first book I read to my newborn daughter and she seemed very content listening. Well done, Ms. Page on another great children's book. The colors are so perfect for this story. Where's Emma enables you to expertise the excitement of a new baby coming into the family. Fans of Leslie Patricelli and Sharlene Alexander will need to meet the new girls on the block. Right now. And Olivia, turning cartwheels because she is so excited at getting a baby sister, demands to know exactly where Emma is. And following Emma around her favorite places until Olivia is finally delivered was a joy! Curl up and cuddle with your little one to find out exactly where she is hiding."Sanem, mother of twin girls. Hit the BUY button now and get your children began on the hunt for Emma.

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  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 33

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