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The Retreat (olivia Hart And The Gifted Program)

Author: Alana Siegel

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THE RETREAT could be a young adult fantasy novel and book #2 inside the Olivia Hart and the Gifted Program series. THE RESCUE, book #3 in the series, will be available 2013! With nobody left to answer their questions, Jaime speculates that a relative chooses possibly the most worthy descendant to pass on their Gift. The kids inside the Gifted Program realize rapidly there were a lot of things their ex-teacher, Ms. Magos, wasn't completely honest about. They approach the spring of their junior year more confidently, as independent and self-sufficient young adults. Discovering their distinctive Gifts changes every thing. Once again, Prometheus will force this tight-knit group of exceptional teenagers to face their true feelings about themselves and each and each and every and each and every other. Then she learns the immense strength of her Gift. Olivia's insecurities have her wondering why a relative from the charming Elste family would pick her to get a Gift instead of her charismatic brother. She convinces her pals that her great Aunt Evelyn can reveal the facts of their jewelry's past and teach them about their Gifts. Just a handful of months ago, Olivia Hart and Jaime Forte had been shy girls, entering another high school year with apprehension. Olivia has even managed to snag Justin Benz as a secret boyfriend.


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