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Olivia West Vs. Middle School: Round One

Olivia West Vs Middle School Round
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Orange Hat Publishing

Author: Kara Floyd

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For ages 9 and up. the Cardinal Crew. But her impression of Glendale Middle School changes the moment she enters the doors on the first day of school and encounters the meanest, most overbearing group of girls she has ever observed. When Olivia West enters sixth grade and begins her middle school years, the well-liked, straight A student is faced with the 3 P's: puberty (and her inevitable journey into"womanhood) , parents (who want her to never develop up) , and recognition (or a lack thereof ). Does Olivia have what it takes to break in to the popular crowd without losing who she actually is? Olivia is confident that she is about to embark on what will possibly be the greatest years of her life.


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