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Olivia The Teenage Octopus

Olivia The Teenage Octopus


Author: Julia Dweck

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Have you met Olivia? She's often ready to assist out and lend any of her eight hands. Olivia shares her tale in her own words. You'll fall in love with Olivia and her humorous, rhyming story using a universal message of acceptance and appreciation for diversity. She's lots of fun, great at dodge ball and, oh yes, she's an octopus. I enjoy pajama parties where I style my best friends' hair. She's the cool, new girl who moved in down the street. I'm great at games like Twister, so go and spin the spinner. No matter exactly where it lands, it's true; I'll constantly be the winner! “ I'm just like any teenage girl, so please don't stop and stare. ” Olivia would love to be your best friend.


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