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Olivia Sells Cookies

Olivia Sells Cookies

Simon Spotlight

The Olivia Sells Cookies by Simon Spotlight is an excellent child's book. Olivia Sells Cookies happens to be an example of top quality children's book you can find online. For anyone who is thinking of buying this item, you've come to the right spot. This site offers you unique promotions with this excellent product with safe transaction. The children's book dimensions are 0.1"H x 7.7"L x 7.8"W and it has got a weight of 0.15 lbs. Cheapest price Olivia Sells Cookies, add to cart by clicking the weblink below.

Olivia and her fellow Pioneers are all set to sell cookies, and Olivia has a goal: She wants to sell more cookies than Francine! Can Olivia find anyone in town who wants to buy cookies from her? Maybe if she's wearing her lucky tights. With the help of Julian, Olivia goes door-to-door as nicely as sets up shop at the grocery store— but everyone she talks to has at present bought cookies from Francine.


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